7 TipsTo Make Your Marketing Emails Pop!

Email marketing is a great way to connect with friends, fans and followers.  Check out these 7 quick and easy tips to make your emails sizzle.

  1. Keep the headline short and intriguing.   We tend to want to explain too much in an email headline.  Short headlines work best.  A question in the headline often results in higher readership.  Ask a question that addresses your customer’s pain points.  Even a headline that is not clear can have a higher open rate.  I once made a mistake and send a mass email with just the letter K as the headline – and it got a higher open rate than the prior email I sent with a clear headline – who would have guessed?
  2. Personalize the headline with the recipient’s name. Often, we personalize the body of the email, but don’t stop there. Add the recipient’s name in the headline as well to increase open rate.  It is a simple variable to insert, and takes just a couple of seconds to increase engagement.
  3. Consider the use of an animated GIF in the email body.An animated GIF is a series of images that plays automatically and looks like a video.  Use in the opening of the email to engage immediately.  My company is a leader in maternity photography and videography.  We personalized emails and text messages with a 5-image animated GIF of each mom’s new baby – and our open rate increased 10-fold!  A few years ago this was difficult to execute, but today it is simple.
  4. Always use a photo header with your emails. It increases engagement and open rate.  And make sure you link all images to a destination landing page, in case the recipient clicks on the image, to send them to a desired destination.
  5. Use A-B Testing to determine which email works best.A-B testing allows you to test a change in ONE variable – headline, color, image, text, etc.  A-B Testing automatically releases a small batch of 10-20% of emails, alternating between the two options, and then determines which has the best open rate.  With a click, you deploy the rest of the campaign to the better-performing version.  Professional marketers consistently test different variables, log the options and results, and keep refining their email campaigns based on the continual learning feedback.
  6. Keep your email copy short and sweet, and use links to longer content. Keep your email to one short page, and provide more content through links.  Too much content or cluttered copy will decrease 7. readership and engagement.
  7. Add a video to your email for greater engagement.We have become a video society, so take advantage of your email to link to a video.  Show the image of the thumbnail in the body of the email to invite clicking through

These tips were quoted in a magazine story from Creative Mindscape – 35 Experts Share Their Best Email Marketing Tips.  Click here to read the tips from other experts:  https://creativemindscape.com/35-experts-share-their-best-email-marketing-tips/

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